When does the next Jojo anime hit?

Jojo is coming back, the internet is buzzing, and the next episode of the Jojo series is on its way.But what does that mean for the rest of us?We asked a bunch of anime industry insiders to tell us.The next Jojos are on the way?That’s definitely something you’d expect, but there’s no telling when that could be, says Jeff Raskin, […]

When I Was a Young Anime Fan: How I Met My Anime Heroes

I grew up with anime characters like Hana, Tsubasa, and Sayaka.In fact, I was a fan of the series as a kid.When I was about five years old, I would sneak out to my mom’s house to watch the first two episodes of the new TV anime of Sayaka, and she was my favorite character.Sayaka was a girl with dark […]

What to expect from ‘Black Cat,’ ‘Mortal Kombat,’ and ‘One Piece’ in 2017-18 season

“Black Cat” is a series of Japanese anime characters who share one of the most iconic appearances in popular culture: They are all black, and in their most recent series, “Mortal Kong,” they all wore masks to blend in with the real world.That has become an extremely popular trend in Japan.The trend has become so popular that the characters are […]

Animal Cell label: Animal friends, animals, weird animals

Animals are a very diverse group.They’re social creatures and there are some amazing species that we love but there are also some that are just amazing.The BBC has put together a selection of images that highlight some of the animals we love that are as strange as they are amazing.Animal friendsAnimal friendsA group of friends can make a big difference […]

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