How to find your own lolly animal, by the sea

Now Playing: Meet Lolly Animal Crossing: Pocket Campers (review) Now Playing, 10 years after the first game, the series is still going strongNow Playing: The story behind a game you can play anytime and anywhereNow Playing, A year after the original Pokémon, we’re still learning the lessons of how Pokémon got their nameNow Playing

The Simpsons animated gifs are back!

A new version of the animated GIFs collection is coming soon, featuring new videos of all the classic Simpsons characters in action.The Simpsons has a long and rich history in the animated gif world, dating back to the 1960s, and now the collection will bring all of the classic characters to life in an exciting new way.“This new collection is […]

How did you become a fan of Ghost Stories?

I’m a huge fan of the Ghost Stories anime series, but I’m more of a fan than most people of Japanese anime, which is why I grew up loving it.So I started watching it on a daily basis when I was a kid, even though I didn’t speak Japanese at the time.It’s not an easy thing to find out.I had […]

Ghost Stories Anime Girls! is the next big anime series to hit the UK

The latest episode of Ghost Stories anime series Ghost Stories Girls!debuted on Tuesday, February 5.The episode, titled “The First Date,” is the first episode since the series began in 2012.The series is the continuation of the popular Ghost Stories girls’ love story, which aired from 2012 to 2016.The first season had a total of 14 episodes, but Ghost Stories will […]

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