What does Ayumi Anime Guy mean?

Ayumi (ふざざめん) anime guy (藤定暗) is a nickname given to a male voice actor for the main character of the anime/manga franchise, Aoi Aoi.His full name is Ayumi Aoi, but he is usually referred to as a male by fans, but by fans he is referred to simply as Aoi or A.Aoi, in his own words: I am AoiAoi is […]

How To Draw Animated Characters: Disney Animal Kingdom, The Great Wall of China, The Big Hero 6, and more

You may have seen the newest installment in the Disney/Pixar/Disney Junior series of animated characters, Disney Animal Kingdoms.We got a sneak peek of the first one, which shows a young version of Snow White riding a dragon to the opening of the park.It’s a great look at how the animation is evolving and how they’re changing with each new movie.The […]

How Anime Became a Friend to Humans

Anime is now a human friend.That’s the conclusion of a team of researchers from Japan and the United States, who say anime, an interactive medium, has become a kind of surrogate family to humans and can provide valuable insight into human behavior.The findings are published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.In the past, people often found anime to […]

How to make your own cute anime wallpaper

How to Make Your Own Cool Anime Wallpaper!The easiest way to make anime wallpaper is by making your own fanart and uploading it to imgur!How to do that?You just need to download the fanart file, put it on your desktop, and put your own avatar to it!This will make it look like you’re watching your favorite anime and your avatar […]

How did you become a fan of Ghost Stories?

I’m a huge fan of the Ghost Stories anime series, but I’m more of a fan than most people of Japanese anime, which is why I grew up loving it.So I started watching it on a daily basis when I was a kid, even though I didn’t speak Japanese at the time.It’s not an easy thing to find out.I had […]

When an anime character dies, the world changes for everyone

A few years ago, I started a Twitter account to keep track of anime deaths.Since then, I’ve been asked for other kinds of anime-related information: how many anime deaths, for instance, have there been this year, for example.The response has been overwhelmingly positive.I’ve even received death threats.A couple of the more prominent death threats came from people who thought the […]

Why does the world’s most popular anime anime heroine love to cross the ocean?

I was surprised to find that the world loves anime girls to cross oceans.As the world has grown more populated, anime has become a global phenomenon.The popularity of anime is growing exponentially, but what are the reasons why anime is so popular?Let’s start with anime’s unique appeal to girls.It is an escape from the pressures of everyday life.When I first […]

Why are the people of Japan so racist?

FOX NEWS — Japanese citizens are becoming more racist than Americans, according to a new study.In the latest edition of the Fox News Japan series, a Japanese study published Wednesday found that 86 percent of respondents said they believed people of Japanese descent were more likely to be violent toward whites than other races.Japanese police have arrested two people in […]

Citrus anime girl cried

Citrus Anime Girls Cry – Anime News Network, Anime News Channel (ANN)Citrus Anime Girl Cry – Citrus ANNNC, Citrus ANN – Anime Network – Citus News Network – AnimeNetworkNewsNetwork.com, Citus ANN – CituNews – Citronews.com – AnimeNewsNetworkNews.com

Anime Merch: Anime Guy – Anime Man: The Art of Anime

IGN has an exclusive interview with anime merch artist AniDoki, who is best known for his work on merchandise for the popular anime anime series Naruto and other anime.Anime Merch’s first issue is out today and is a look at some of the designs that have been used on various anime merch.Here are some of his designs.AniDoko’s work is usually […]

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