This is the story of suffering and anger over injustice. It is against the tyranny of the cruel people. The advent of religious life requires much more effort. The epic form of the series enhances the narrative to something refined and ambitious, creating a kind of religious enthusiasm and patriotism. This is beyond history, with a semi-abstract form and national heroes with a mythical halo. The epic form of this work goes beyond its content and acts as a universal metaphor and understanding. The story of the series is the epitome of eternal humans created for the cosmos. The humans who constantly struggle with death to show that this world is not the world of survival and “faith is the only way to save and survive.”


“In a land burning in an enemy attack, looters are heard laughing. From the fire of the enemy, the buds of hope begin to grow. Shahabuddin, the prowess of the land of Iran, struggles alongside those who have no merit but to defend their religion, homeland and people by raising a flag of chivalry and justice. “